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Wine and Dine Texan Style!

When looking for a great night out, with delicious food and toe-tapping music, a Texan style music bar is the number one go-to option. The decor alone is often a good enough reason for a visit, usually offering a rustic, western look with old fashioned photos on the walls. To create a fun atmosphere, the bar may have western-style hats for patrons to wear while dining. US flags will no doubt be plentiful, with maps of the state of Texas, and perhaps some neon lighting.

Texan Food and Drinks

Texan cuisine is a mouthwatering combination taken from different cultures, with Tex-Mex being a popular choice. This, of course, has its roots in traditional Mexican cooking, but less spicy, making it suitable for all palates. Local beer is a good match for this type of food, especially from Texan breweries. For those who prefer something a little more exotic, frozen margaritas are a staple in any Texan music bar.

Texan Music

Music is an integral part of a night out in a Texan bar, and visitors can expect to hear anything from zydeco Texas blues, to rock. Those not familiar with zydeco will be fascinated to hear the captivating mix of cajun music and rhythm and blues. Most Texan bars have live entertainment at weekends, with local singers or bands, and sometimes charge an admission fee.

For a unique evening's entertainment, a Texan style music bar is an excellent venue for friends, families and couples.

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